In Memory Of...

Brian Pereira 4.23.14
Fe Atienza 4.20.14
Larry Pierce 4.20.14
Sheila Brennan 4.17.14
Patricia Fitzpatrick 4.13.14
Shirley Rita 4.4.14
Neil DaSilva 4.1.14
Joan Keenan 3.25.14
Horace Thurman 3.22.14
Gloria Umayam 3.15.14
Miller Herndon 3.11.14
John A. Gilberto 3.4.14
Robert Westbrook 3.3.14
Mary Wilkinson 3.2.14
Charles Houlihan  2.27.14
Francis Gerow 2.21.14
Hazel Mahoney 2.21.14
Audrey Doyle 2.17.14
Mary Alberan 2.15.14
Caroline Stackhouse Weiner 2.4.14
Vincent Drumb 1.19.14
Dr Thomas Sullivan 1.19.14
Margaret Jay 1.15.14
Isobel Seyler 1.7.14
Irene Wilson 1.5.14

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Canonization 2014 H hires - Copy

EWTN will feature LIVE coverage from the Vatican,, for times.

 Our Pastor, Fr Kevin Larsen,
is in the news about his candle making business.,25945 










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