Adult Faith Formation

Adult catechesis should be the "organizing principle, which gives coherence to the various catechetical programs offered by a particular Church...This is the axis around which revolves the catechesis of childhood and adolescence as well as that of old age" (GDC 275). Adult catechesis promotes mature adult faith: the faith of the disciple who has been saved by Christ's redemptive love and who is being continually coverted to him. Adult catechesis fosters this discipleship by providing "a comprehensive and systematic presentation and exploration of the core elements of Catholic faith and practice--a complete initiation into a Catholic way of life" (OHWB 65).

Adult Catechesis has 3 major goals for the New Evangelization:

1) Conversion to the Lord

2) Membership in the Christian community

3) Becoming Christian disciples in the world


Past Adult Catechetical Programs offered at St. Bernadette's:

"Why Do Catholics Do That?" (Fall 2007)

"How to Read the Bible in the Heart of the Church" (Spring 2008)

"A Guided Tour through the Catechism of the Catholic Church" (Summer 2008)

"The Encyclicals of Pope Benedict XVI" (Fall 2008)

"Life and Message of St. Paul" (Spring 2009)

"Lent, Sin, and Life after Death in St. Paul" (Lent 2009)

"The Sacraments in the Thought of St. Paul" (Lent 2009)

"The Rite and Ceremonies of Holy Week" (Lent 2009)

"Reading the Apostolic Fathers and the Early Christian Apologists" (Fall 2009/Spring 2010)

"Study of the Gospel of St. John" (Spring/Summer 2010)

"Study of the Gospel of St. Matthew" (Fall 2010)

"Study of the Book of Revelation" (Spring 2011)

"Introducing the Roman Missal 2011" (Summer/Fall 2011) [slideshows and audio of presentations available]

"The Catholic Difference: Examining the Precious Gems of Catholic Teaching" (Spring 2012) [slideshow presentations available]

"Journey Through Scripture: Genesis to Jesus" (Fall 2012)

Upcoming: "The Second Vatican Council: 50 Years Later" (Fall 2013)


The above programs were presented by David M. Wallace, M.A., DRE. For more information, please contact him at dwallace [at] stbernpar [dot] org.

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