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Cover Cover PicDear Good People of Saint Bernadette,

In a certain sense every day is a crossroads. We always have the choice to move forward. We have the opportunity to go backward, too. It is the same with the life of a community as it is with the spiritual life of each member.

Saint Bernadette is not a parish in decline, but every parish has to be intentional in living the Gospel so the Holy Spirit can do his work gathering us together. To do nothing to plan for the future is to go backward.

Now we have a chance to do something for the future of our parish family. I firmly believe that growth will come. I believe that if we are a healthy parish we will witness the return of many who have gone away for a time. When they return, we will need spaces to welcome them.

Join with me in making this parish a priority in our lives, a real home where people can come to know God and find him in each other as we grow in wisdom and grace. Be an active part of the renewal of our hearts and our home.

God bless you,

Fr. Don



Exterior 2In 1959, when Saint Bernadette Parish was only about three months old, the first pastor understood his task to be “generating a new spirit with the Holy Ghost enkindling the fire of love.” There was no doubt in anybody’s mind where the priest was going.  From the moment he arrived a feverish activity began. Rather seemed obsessed with a fiery seal and a dedication to God’s service given only to a few.

Now, 60 years later, we are blessed with a pastor with a similar zeal and dedication. Our vision for generating a new spirit within our parish is fully described in these pages. We draw on this vison  for the parish and for this campaign - “Make All Things New” – from the Book of Revelations in which Saint John describes “the new creation: the new heaven and the new earth.” (Rev, 21)

Our plan for the parish development first includes a new Parish Hall which is able to be divided into generous, much-needed meeting rooms. This will be built above the Middle School wing and entered directly through the new main entrance of school as well as the back parking lot. At the same time, we hope to add an elevator and reception area, and renovate our parish office located in the former convent opposite the church entrance.

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