Campaign Title

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Page 5 KindergartenDoug and Kristen MILLS – General Chair

“We see the Trinity doing beautiful, miraculous things in the Body of Christ and believe Saint Bernadette Church and School has an important role to play in the future of our community and diocese. We are sowing into that future, and invite all to join us. God is so very worthy of our best effort.”

Don and Maureen LOREN – Request Teams Co-Chairs

“We are blessed to be members of our Saint Bernadette parish community and honored to serve as leads in this campaign. We must continue to keep our community vibrant and forward-looking as we honor God with appropriate worship surroundings and parish community facilities. To be successful, the Make All Things New campaign requires participation and contributions by all of us. We look forward to being part of this journey forward”

Brent and Patricia DIEFENBACH – Request Teams Co-Chairs

“This campaign is important to us because it provides an avenue to build a church that not only is a house of worship but equally important, offers a future home for family and friends to share their dreams and gifts, creating a ‘one-family’ or ‘one-congregation’ Church. Each of us has the opportunity to reflect on our relationship with God and to give generously back to Him.”

Gino and Kathy MARCHETTI – Support Teams Chair

“There’s a vibrant energy at Saint Bernadette with new ministries, youth choirs, bible classes and social events. We want to raise funds to expand and improve spaces for church community needs and bring Saint Bernadette into the 21st century. Change isn’t easy, but God calls us to be a church that THRIVES.”