Thank you for your interest in joining our merry band of catechists here at Saint Bernadette! Whether you are a seasoned catechist, a first-time volunteer, or someone who is still on the fence about volunteering… Welcome!

We anticipate about 500 students from kindergarten to high school in our program this year, which means we will have 35 or so classes needing catechists, aides, and other support staff. Three sessions are offered: Sunday 12:30-1:45pm (follows the 11am Mass), Sunday 2:30-3:45pm (follows the 1pm Mass), and Monday 5:30-6:45pm. Classes are held every week except three-day weekends and other holidays. We offer two special programs: a Special Religious Development class from 9-10:30am two Saturdays a month—lead catechist, helper catechists, and support staff are needed for this special group of learners who typically have an IEP or 504 in public school; and our Family Faith Formation class, in which the students meet with a catechist once a month and complete three home lessons per month with their family.

Parents of Religious Education students have their own monthly class this year covering different aspects of the faith and occurring at the same time as their student’s class session once a month. We will offer these classes in English and in Spanish in separate groups. Parent education catechists are needed once a month for this new program.

This year our classes begin on August 28/29, and our last classes are May 7/8.

To help me organize my wonderful volunteers, I have created a Volunteer Application on Microsoft Forms.  (All volunteers should fill out the form… even if you volunteered last year!) Go to this link: RE Volunteer Application  or scan this QR code to get started:


Volunteer App QR code

Once you complete the form, I will be in contact with you within a few days. For more information, please call Lynn Jones, Director of Religious Education, at 703-451-8576, ext. 136, or email her at




  1. All volunteers must be fully compliant with the diocesan OPCYP/child safety guidelines, commonly known as VIRTUS. If you are new to us or need to update your compliance, contact me immediately. This process takes several weeks and must be completed before you can begin volunteering with children.


  1. For catechists, I highly encourage you to attend training on August 3 from 7-8:30pm (lesson planning, curriculum, and methods) and on August 9 from 7-8:30pm (using technology in the classroom). We will meet in the Bradican Room and you are welcome to bring your own laptop, if you’d like, since during both sessions I will provide information on how to use online resources to enhance your lesson planning and instruction.



3.    For all volunteers, we will have a mandatory training on Tuesday, August 23, from 7-8:30pm to go over safety procedures including drop-off and pick-up plan, student supervision, and campus familiarization.