volunteers needed:

education ministry

At Saint Bernadette, we hope to provide the best possible religious education for our par- ish community. Together, our programs can work as a resource, preparing our children, young adults, and adults for the sacraments and continuing to nourish our community’s faith formation. The Parish Council Edu- cation Committee Chairs are Bob Walsh, robertpmwalsh@gmail.com, and Patricia Diefenbach, diefenbach.nd@gmail.com, and it is moderated by Fr. Don Rooney.

liturgical ministry

The Liturgy Committee assists our parish in keeping the Mass as the center of our wor- shiping community. All those who volunteer for liturgical ministries witness to the pres- ence of Christ in our midst and strengthen us as a community centered on Jesus present in the Eucharist and in his living Word. Within our liturgical ministries, we rely upon the gifts of the presider to lead us in worship, and the gifts of God’s people to sing his praises, proclaim his Word, serve at his altar, welcome his people, care for his altar and his house, and assist in the distribution of Holy Communion, at Mass and to the homebound. There are many ministries and many gifts needed to support the liturgy in our parish.
We continue to encourage all members of Saint Bernadette to participate fully, con- sciously, and actively in our liturgical wor- ship and the life of our parish. The chair of the Parish Council Liturgy Committee is Joan O’Hara Wehner, jowehner@cox.net.

operations ministry

Often there is a great need for assistance to accomplish the goals set by other committees and ministries, and the Operations Com- mittee facilitates their successful outcome. Sometimes we just need people to help set up and put away tables and chairs!

outreach ministry

The mission of the outreach ministry is to lead the parish in increasing awareness of Catholic social teachings; motivate parishioners to reach out in service, justice, advocacy and solidarity.

parish life ministry and groups

We welcome, connect and foster fellowship in the parish community. Parish Life is the very essence of Christ in action—loving, serving, praying and building God’s king- dom through each other and the family of Saint Bernadette Parish. The Parish Council Parish Life Committee Chair is Kathy Marchetti, kathmarc@yahoo.com.