Encounter Jesus.
Be Transformed.
Become Evangelizers.

Encounter Jesus.
Be Transformed.
Become Evangelizers.

Latest Happenings


Youth Summit

We are so excited for our annual Youth Summit this Fall 2019! 

This is an opportunity for youth to gather as a community, to kick-off the school year, and to learn about the many ways to be involved throughout the year. 


We ask for all those who plan to attend to register beforehand. 


Saint Bernadette Youth exists because we, as youth workers, have been called by God to help young people experience the transforming love of Christ and become missionary-disciples.



We behave with faith, care, and unity.

  • We strive continually to grow in faith. 
  • We express deep care for young people and those who work with them.
  • We strive constantly for unity amongst eachother and the larger community.



We provide a wide range of opportunities to engage young people in the life of Saint Bernadette Catholic Church.



We will provide effective outreach to young people in Springfield, build Christ-centered relationships with them, enable them to encounter Christ, and offer relevant formation to teens and adults.



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Director of Youth Ministry

Work Phone: 703.451.8576 EXT 139


General Responsibilities: Ministry vision and strategy, staff management, youth worker formation, oversees all youth programs/events/activities


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Assistant Director of Youth Ministry

Work Phone: 703.451.8576 EXT 156


General Responsibilities: Assists in execution of strategy, coordinates community programming and supports youth grouping logistics


Administrative Support

Work Phone: 703.451.8576 EXT 123


General Responsibilities: Coordination of special events, trips and retreats



Youth Apostles Missionary

Work Phone: 703.451.8576 EXT 123


General Responsibilities: Direct ministry to youth through various programs and assists with youth worker formation

Building up the community at Saint Bernadette is a large part of our vision. We believe that young people don't only need a small faith community to walk with them on their faith journeys but to also understand that they are apart of the larger parish community. To do this, we provide a variety of events on a monthly basis. ALL 6th-12th grade teens in the parish and surrounding community are invited to gather together for these events. These include but are not limited to retreats, gatherings, and diocesan led events.

Click the button below to check out all of our upcoming events! 

We consider any adult who works with 6th-12th grade teens in the parish as a Youth Worker. 

Youth Workers can be parents, ministry leaders, catechists, one-time volunteers, etc. 

If you are interested in serving the youth of the church in some way, please contact the Office of Youth Ministry to learn more! 


We believe that youth workers should have the same vision and mission in mind as they do their ministry and so we use the Youth Apostles Vision for Parish Youth Ministry to train and inspire every adult youth worker:



“Inspiring young people to a Christ-like life” (General Statutes, 1.9)


To build faith-filled, prayerful, well-formed, joyful young Christians who imitate Christ and bring His truth and sacrificial love into the world


  1. Encounter Jesus: Help young people encounter Jesus Christ and fall in love with Him
  2.  Be Transformed: Journey with young people, form them in the faith that transforms their lives and teach them to pray daily with the Scriptures
  3.  Become Evangelizers: Equip young people to multiply their faith in others


Build Relationships

“Christ’s compassionate love for others impels us to reach out and actively touch the lives of young people.” (GS, 1.10)

  •  Go where they are/enter their world
  • Earn the right to be heard
  •  Engage in friendly dialogue with the young
  • Journey with them toward Christ through life’s ups and downs

Build Community

 “We are committed to develop intense community life among the youth because we see it as the most effective way to grow in appreciation of the Church and to develop a more intimate union with Christ” (GS, 1.15)

  • Encourage Christ-centered friendships
    •  Small single-sex youth communities/ Discipleship groups
    •  Teach them to pray with the Scriptures
  •  Hold them accountable in their spiritual and moral lives
  • Ongoing formation that leads to transformation
  •  Encourage development of the high moral standards found in the Gospels
  •  Provide a variety of opportunities to get connected to each other and involved with the parish
  •  Encourage and provide opportunities for service to family, parish and those in need

Build Well-Formed Disciples
“Youth Apostles is committed to serious formation programs which provide the substance within which faith can be rooted and nurtured.” (GS, 1.32)

  •  Cultivate ultimate values of truth, freedom and care
  •  Knowledge of Church doctrine, tradition, history, Council documents and Encyclical letters
  •  Focus on the lives of the saints
  •  Develop leaders with a servant’s heart who nurture the faith in their peers

Build a Rich Spiritual Life

“To foster in young people a desire to grow in union with God through prayer” (GS, 1.21)

  • Provide retreats and extended service/mission trips that are transformative
  •  Build the habit of daily prayer rooted in the Sacred Scriptures
  •  Encourage a deep love for the Sacraments of Eucharist and Penance
  • Cultivate a healthy devotion to the Blessed Mother

Youth Apostles has the “ultimate purpose of inspiring young people to a Christ-like life based upon the Lord’s sacrificial love.” (GS, 1.9)


plural noun: groupings
a set of people acting together with a common interest or purpose, especially within a larger organization

Gone are the days of a “youth minister” that runs a “youth group” for all of the teenagers of the parish. What is needed is a “Director of Youth Ministry” (DYM) that trains many adults to organize many activities on a weekly basis to encourage all teens to become involved in the life of the parish. The DYM also works with existing ministries in the parish to help them to incorporate young people into their programs. The effective DYM spends a significant amount of time recruiting and teaching adults and less time actually working with teens. It is crucial to recognize that having parents and other adults directly involved in a teen’s life is one of the most significant factors related to their practice of faith later in life.

In order to accomplish this goal, Saint Bernadette Office of Youth Ministry is dedicated to developing more youth groupings that allow for teens in middle and high school to engage in their faith through the parish. 

Click the button below to see a directory of all of our existing youth groups.

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