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Page 4 School FrontBuilding a Parish Life Center as our parish life continues to grow

At first glance, you might think we have enough buildings on the grounds of Saint Bernadette Catholic Church and School. After all, we have a church, a school, and parish offices. We look every inch the vibrant and growing community of faith that we are ... but you wouldn’t know how practically every inch could be double- and triple-booked. You might not see how we are literally bursting at the seams. 

Just as we have collectively taken a deep, fresh breath after the worst of the pandemic, we have also taken a fresh look at the physical needs of our parish campus. In truth, the pandemic opened our eyes to the independent security the school requires as well as its necessary separation from the comings and goings of the greater parish. Therefore, we have developed (in collaboration with our wonderful architectural team) a new design that we believe will be very advantageous.

 We need you! And you, as well, have the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful and lasting way to both the physical and spiritual growth of our Saint Bernadette community.

While our capital campaign--“Behold! I Make All Things New”—certainly welcomes and cherishes major donors, we also embrace those for whom any gift is sacrificial. It is especially important that as many individuals as possible give at least something as we build, together, our community of faith and action.

Guided by the Holy Spirit, please consider making our capital campaign a priority in your charitable budget over the upcoming years. Making up to a five-year pledge now can potentially make donating more manageable for you. If not already, you can transform yourself into an active giver, claiming a stake in the success of our new Parish Life Center and enriching the experiences of all who gather together here in charity and humility to grow in fellowship and God’s grace.