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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Observations


This is an extension of the capital campaign that began in 2018-2019. How has the money raised thus far been used? Except for what has been spent on required up-front costs determining feasibility and start-up requirements (“soft” costs such as concept drawings, soil analysis, environmental study considerations, and permit applications), all money that has already been raised is being held in a restricted account. All designated campaign funds will be spent only on this capital project

Why did the original concept of building an addition onto the school change? The children’s health and security necessitated the change. COVID taught us that we need to keep school and parish populations separate from each other. Similarly, with the unfortunate frequency of violence in schools today, we’ve come to understand that we must restrict public access to areas where our school children are taught. Regretfully, that means forfeiting ongoing adult access to meeting and function rooms in any shared areas.

Tell me one new thing that makes this project a significant plus for the entire community? For the first time, a new elevator will provide multi-level access to our parish offices and to the church itself, and we will be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). There will be access at all times from the lower parking lots to the front entrance level of the church, a real relief for all who are physically challenged, for their caretakers, funeral directors, and emergency responders. 

Does the existing design provide a path for future growth and development of the new Parish Life Center and existing offices? Our architects have produced a design that meets our most pressing needs. With our budget, as given, we’re stretching every dollar. We haven’t lost sight of additional items on our wish list such as another commercial kitchen or additional bathrooms. Based on your generosity, if our campaign is tremendously successful, we will be able to fully equip this facility sooner than later to maximize its usefulness.

Since this new structure extends out into the parking lot, does that mean we lose parking spaces? You may be cheered to learn that it does not. The architects have assured us that our parking lots can be reconfigured so as to be more efficient with the space that we do have. They assure us that we will be able to accommodate more vehicles than we do now. 

This is more than just building a building. Our goal is to build a building where you know you belong. A place where your Catholic identity can find expression and consolation in community. A place where the lived reality of the Sacraments will build up your relationships. Constructing a place where you can connect with others in charity and with the gifts given to you by the Holy Spirit, we can create a shared experience of heaven on earth.

It is Christ who renews us in the Church The mission of the Church is the salvation of souls and each of us has a responsibility to participate in that mission, for our own sake and that of all in the community. God calls us into life with him not as individuals, but as the Body of Christ, each member with a different role and function, working together. What we have received is to be shared so that Christ might come to full stature.

We rely on the Holy Spirit to be active in bringing people back to their spiritual roots, awakening faith and inspiring participation in parish groups. We pray as if it all depends on God, and we work as if it all depends on us. We have a big job before us, creating facilities for our use today and for future generations.

After careful review and prayerful consideration of the financial needs of the proposed expansion, please be generous