St Bernadette Parish

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Title Speaker Date Series
Nov 26, Christ the King and the final judgment 2023-11-26 Homilies
Nov 19, 33rd Sunday OT, Returning gifts 2023-11-19 Homilies
Nov 5, 31st Sunday, What is said, what is done 2023-11-05 Homilies
Oct 29, 30th Sunday OT, Your neighbor and you 2023-10-29 Homilies
Oct 22, 29th Sunday OT, To whom do you belong? 2023-10-22 Homilies
Oct 15, 28th Sunday OT, Come to the feast 2023-10-15 Homilies
Oct 8, 27th Sunday OT, The Vineyard of the Lord 2023-10-08 Homilies
Oct 1, 26th Sunday OT, The gift of change 2023-10-01 Homilies
Sept 24, 25th Sunday OT, The usual daily wage 2023-09-24 Homilies
Sept 17, 24th Sunday OT, Forgiving and self-giving 2023-09-17 Homilies
Sept 10, 23rd Sunday OT, Love is the fulfillment of the law 2023-09-10 Homilies
Sept 3, 22nd Sunday OT, What makes Christianity Christianity 2023-09-03 Homilies
Aug 27, 21st Sunday OT, You are Peter, living stone 2023-08-27 Homilies
Aug 20, 20th Sunday OT, Jesus is . . . there 2023-08-20 Homilies
Aug 13, 19th Sunday OT, Looking for God 2023-08-13 Homilies
Aug 6, (18th Sunday), Transfiguration is really just what is hidden 2023-08-06 Homilies
Jul 30, 17th Sunday OT, Discovering treasure 2023-07-30 Homilies
Jul 23, 16th Sunday OT, The Spirit prays through us 2023-07-23 Homilies
Jul 16, 15th Sunday OT, What seeds do you plant? 2023-07-16 Homilies
Jul 9, 14th Sunday OT, Jesus reveals the Father to All 2023-07-09 Homilies