St Bernadette Parish

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Title Speaker Date Series
Jul 26, 17th Week OT, Understanding heart 2020-07-26 Homilies
Jul 19, 16th Week OT, "The Kingdom is like..." 2020-07-19 Homilies
July 12, 15th Week OT, Sowing the seeds 2020-07-12 Homilies
Jul 5, 14th Week OT, The King will come to you 2020-07-05 Homilies
Jun 28, 13th week OT, The most important 2020-06-28 Homilies
Jun 21, 12th week Ordinary Time, God turns fear to trust 2020-06-21 Homilies
June 14, Corpus Christi, Do not forget 2020-06-14 Homilies
June 7, Most Holy Trinity 2020-06-07 Homilies
May 31, Pentecost, God's opening love 2020-05-31 Homilies
May 3, 4th Sunday of Easter, Good Shepherd Sunday 2020-05-03 Homilies
Apr 19, 2nd Sunday of Easter, Jesus still visits our locked spaces 2020-04-19 Homilies
Mar 15, 3rd Sunday Lent, The Samaritan Woman at the well 2020-03-15 Homilies
Mar 8, 2nd Sunday Lent, Transfiguration 2020-03-08 Homilies
Mar 1, 1st Sunday of Lent, owning Christ, owning Adam 2020-03-01 Homilies
Feb 23, 7th Sunday OT, Pilgrimage and BLA 2020-02-23 Homilies
Feb 17, Mass at the Baptism of Jesus site on the Jordan River 2020-02-17 Homilies
Feb 9, 5th Sunday OT, Shine the light 2020-02-09 Homilies
Feb 2, Presentation of the Lord 2020-02-02 Homilies
Jan 26, 3rd Sunday OT, The Word calls now 2020-01-26 Homilies
Jan 19, 2nd Sunday OT, Purpose, Evangelism, Hospitality 2020-01-19 Homilies