St Bernadette Parish

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Title Speaker Date Series
16 May, Ascension...but he's still here 2021-05-16 Homilies
9 May, 6th Sunday Easter, Called to life 2021-05-09 Homilies
2 May, 5th Sunday Easter, The vine 2021-05-02 Homilies
26 April, Confirmation: The Holy Spirit 2021-04-26 Homilies
25 Apr, 4th Sunday Easter, The Shepherd 2021-04-25 Homilies
18 Apr, 3rd Sunday Easter, He walks with you 2021-04-18 Homilies
11 Apr, 2nd Sunday Easter, Giving a heartbeat 2021-04-11 Homilies
4 Apr, Easter Sunday, Live Baptism 2021-04-04 Homilies
28 Mar, Palm Sunday, Remember 2021-03-28 Homilies
21 Mar, 5th Sunday Lent, A grain of wheat 2021-03-21 Homilies
14 Mar, 4th Sunday Lent, As the serpent was raised up... 2021-03-14 Homilies
7 Mar, 3rd Sunday Lent, I will rebuild this temple... 2021-03-07 Homilies
28 Feb, 2nd Sunday Lent, The view from the mountain 2021-02-28 Homilies
21 Feb, 1st Sunday Lent, Our work in restoring creation 2021-02-21 Homilies
14 Feb, 6th Sunday OT, You are clean 2021-02-14 Homilies
7 Feb, 5th Sunday OT, Bishop's Lenten Appeal 2021-02-07 Homilies
31 Jan, 4th Sunday OT, If today you hear his voice 2021-01-31 Homilies
24 Jan, 3rd Sunday OT, Come, follow me 2021-01-24 Homilies
17 Jan, 2nd Sunday OT, Come and see 2021-01-17 Homilies
Dec 10, Baptism of the Lord, All about baptism 2021-01-10 Homilies