St Bernadette Parish

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Title Speaker Date Series
Oct 20, 29th Sunday OT: persevere in prayer 2019-10-20 Homilies
Oct 13, 28th Sunday OT, Your faith has saved you 2019-10-13 Homilies
Oct 6, 27th Sunday OT, Stir into flame the gift of God that you have 2019-10-06 Homilies
Sept 29, 26th Sunday OT (Knock, Ireland) Lazarus and the Rich Man 2019-09-29 Homilies
Sept 22, 25th Sunday OT, Dishonest steward 2019-09-22 Homilies
Sept 15, 24th Sunday OT, Prodigal Father, Capital Campaign 2019-09-15 Homilies
Sept 8, 23rd Sun OT, Detachment 2019-09-08 Homilies
Sept 1, World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation (OT22) 2019-09-01 Homilies
Aug 25, 21st Sunday OT, Who is to be saved? 2019-08-25 Homilies
Aug 18, 20th Sunday OT, It must be God's will 2019-08-18 Homilies
Aug 15, The Assumption of Mary 2019-08-15 Homilies
Aug 11, 19th Sunday OT, Ready for the Master's Return 2019-08-11 Homilies
Aug 4, 18th Sunday OT, Rich in what matters 2019-08-04 Homilies
Jul 28, 17th Sunday OT, Prayer and Community 2019-07-28 Homilies
Jul 21, 16th Sunday OT: Gift, Reception, Response 2019-07-21 Homilies
Jul 14, 15th Sunday OT: Good Samaritan 2019-07-14 Homilies
Jul 7, 14th Sunday OT 2019-07-07 Homilies
Jun 30, 13th Sunday OT 2019-06-30 Homilies
Jun 23, Corpus Christi 2019-06-23 Homilies
Jun 16, Trinity Sunday 2019-06-16 Homilies