St Bernadette Parish

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Title Speaker Date Series
Jan 9, Baptism of the Lord, Leaving his cloak of divinity for us 2022-01-09 Homilies
Jan 2, Epiphany, YOUR light 2022-01-02 Homilies
Dec 26, Holy Family, Family: a home, a people, a church 2021-12-26 Homilies
Dec 25, Christmas Vigil, He becomes a person so we can know who we are 2021-12-25 Homilies
19 Dec, Advent Sunday 4, Bringing with us new life, justice and mercy 2021-12-19 Homilies
12 Dec, Advent Sunday 3, Rejoice! 2021-12-12 Homilies
8 Dec, Immaculate Conception 2021-12-08 Homilies
5 Dec, Advent Sunday 2, Prepare the way and go! 2021-12-05 Homilies
28 Nov, Advent Sunday 1, When he comes 2021-11-28 Homilies
21 Nov, Christ the King, The Kingdom of God 2021-11-21 Homilies
14 Nov, 33rd Sunday OT, Passing things 2021-11-14 Homilies
7 Nov, 32nd Sunday OT, A widow and her Son 2021-11-07 Homilies
31 Oct, 31st Sunday OT, No commandment greater than these 2021-10-31 Homilies
24 Oct, 30th Sunday OT, Jesus' healing 2021-10-24 Homilies
17 Oct, 29th Sunday OT, Synodality 2021-10-17 Homilies
10 Oct, 28th Sunday OT 2021-10-10 Homilies
19 Sept, 25th Sunday OT, Being present to God 2021-09-19 Homilies
12 Sept, 24th Sunday OT, Faith and works 2021-09-12 Homilies
5 Sept, 23rd Sunday OT, Creation care 2021-09-05 Homilies
29 Aug, 22nd Sunday OT, Doers of the Word 2021-08-29 Homilies